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helpful Tips to help speed the process:

1) If returning from a holiday or other extended period away, eliminate any activity that's showing upon your return and wait for him to re-appear before reporting new mole activity...(Your mole may or may not still be in that area... attempting to trap a mole that has moved on is pointless)

2) While traps are in place, regular watering of the lawn is encouraged especially during drought periods,,, (Where city bylaw permits)

(Keeping the area moist will keep your worms active which, in turn, keeps your mole active)

3) "DO NOT" attempt to check the status of the traps yourself!!

(If the trap(s) have not yet been tripped, your attempt to check or view them may impede the trapping process. I have 11 years experience in this field & know how easily they are sometimes tripped)

4) "DO NOT" move or remove my flags. (May be tough with young children but please try)

(It may jeopardize the trap position underground & makes it hard to retrieve my traps if I can't locate them)

5) When mowing your lawns or in any other landscaping, please stay a minimum of 5 feet away from flags. * RIDING MOWERS 8 feet PLEASE!

(Mowing or other landscaping can loosen soil underground & cause the moles tunnels to fill with soil or rock and catching rocks... not good)

While I may enjoy stopping by to check traps & saying "hello", my main goal is the quickest possible dispatching of your mole(s). The more trips made to your property to check & reset traps means more mess from the mole and decreases profit & "I hate giving money to a mole".

Following the 5 tips above will help in the effort speed the process as much as possible.